Pierfranca Forchini, PhD

Project Director

The American Movie Corpus

The American Movie Corpus (henceforth The AMC) is a collection of movie dialogs

transcribed by the AMC team which does not include any audiovisual (multimodal) material

from the original movies or (tran)script taken from anywhere on the internet.

As such, the AMC is a repository of data transformed into a new monomodal (textual) utility

which only partially replicates the content of the original movies

in that it exclusively includes the orthographic transcriptions of the movie dialogs

and omits any reference to the speakers, settings and timestamps of the original dialogic interactions,

as well as any sound, audio and visual element present in the original movies.

As a transformative work, The AMC (including any partial text or data) is licensed under

a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

and is used exclusively for noncommercial/nonprofit purposes,

such as linguistic research, scholarship, teaching, criticism and comment.

The copyright of the original movies resides with the original copyright holder(s).

Therefore, the cinematographic productions remain subject to the authorization of the authors of the original works.

The AMC together with its transformed texts and derived data,

which partially represent the content of the original movies, constitute a fair use of any potential copyrighted material

and do not harm the copyright owner's ability to profit from his or her original work

by serving as a replacement for demand for that work.

The AMC data extracted from the corpus can be shared free of charge.

Any scholars, language learners and/or teachers (henceforth USERS) who are interested in

using the corpus can contact the AMC team.

Word lists, lexical bundles, collocations, concordances and snippets of dialog

can be accessed via the AMC LAB page.

USERS declare and accept that the data obtained from the corpus will be used by them

for the exclusive purposes of research, scholarship, teaching, criticism and comment.

USERS assume complete responsibility: neither the AMC team nor the AMC Board

are a party to or are in any way responsible for copyright infringement.